Kapteeni Pauli J.Wiro 1943, valokuvaaja. Sotamuseo.

Nitsch A, Faurie C, Lummaa V. 2023: Sibling competition, dispersal and fitness outcomes in humans. Scientific Reports 13, 7539


Determining how sibling interactions alter the fitness outcomes of dispersal is pivotal for the understanding of family living, but such studies are currently scarce. Using a large demographic dataset on pre-industrial humans from Finland, we studied dispersal consequences on different indicators of lifetime reproductive success according to sex-specific birth rank (a strong determinant of dispersal in our population). Contrary to the predictions of the leading hypotheses, we found no support for differential fitness benefits of dispersal for either males or females undergoing low vs. high sibling competition. Our results are inconsistent with both hypotheses that family members could have different fitness maximizing strategies depending on birth rank, and that dispersal could be mainly driven by indirect fitness benefits for philopatric family members. Our study stresses the need for studying the relative outcomes of dispersal at the family level in order to understand the evolution of family living and dispersal behaviour.

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Susanna Ukonaho defended her PhD thesis ”Mandates and incentives: implementing Finlands first vaccination campaign against smallpox” at the University of Turku in June 2024.

Lähes 2,5 miljoonan euron rahoituksella toteutettava tutkimus pureutuu vaikutuksiin, joita yhteiskunnan muuttuminen on aiheuttanut sukulaisverkostoille.

Virpi Lummaa

Professor of Evolutionary Biology Virpi Lummaa from the University of Turku in Finland has received a major funding from the European Research Council ERC.

Virpi Lummaa

Kaya Burgess, Science Reporter
Wednesday May 31 2023, 7:40am BST, The Times

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Simon Chapman, Mirkka Danielsbacka, Antti O. Tanskanen, Mirkka Lahdenperä, Jenni Pettay and Virpi Lummaa published a paper in Behavioural Ecology